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Jun 24, 2016

The Arab Community Centre of Toronto believes in the the importance of connecting newcomers with their established community partners. During their period of resettlement Newcomers family’s may feel homesick, isolated, or even disconnected with the values and traditions they were raised and accustomed to love and respect.

During the settlement it is important to assist newcomers to build new social networks within their new community, and with that mind set, and the sense of giving and generosity the Holly month of Ramadan usually brings to the community.

The Arab Community Centre of Toronto’s Staff members, together with community partners hosted two Community Iftars. These became special occasions were ACCT staff and volunteers donated funds and time, cooked and served the food to both Syrian newcomer families, their community sponsors, and many established community members in order to integrate newcomers within the new community, and introduce the Canadian society to social, and cultural norms, and celebrations that made the occasions even more special.