Jun 24, 2016

The Arab Community Centre of Toronto takes a great interest in assisting new comers settle in their home. One of the most important pillars of settlement is employment.

Since many of our newcomers arrive with a huge variance in their credentials, language abilities, work experience, and knowledge of the Canadian work ethics culture.

We at the ACCT decided to rise to the occasion and create this huge pre -employment fair, where many employers, colleges, universities, trainers, and employment agencies were available to provide newcomers with essential tools such as:

– Motivational speaker that shared their experiences and how they made in the Canadian job market despite of all the challenges they had to face

– On going sessions from different employers of different sectors providing information on combating specific difficulties newcomers face, or giving out advice on how to enhance chances of employment or new credentials.

– A chance to meet with employers, employment agencies, and Human resources department representatives and conduct some interviews, or check their resumes.

– A great learning experience where they met experts in their field of experience, realized what type of skills, training, or education they still require in order to obtain a meaningful employment within the field they see themselves in.

And we hope to keep hosting such events in the future to cater to our community’s needs.