Newcomer & Refugee Services

The Arab Community Centre of Toronto’s (ACCT) main work is to provide settlement support services to newcomers to facilitate their transition to Canada. Staff assist clients with a holistic and integrated approach which recognizes that settlement involves all aspects of life. Our services include the following:

Applying for Social Services,

  1. Housing assistance & referral
  2. Obtaining a SIN card, health card (OHIP), & driver’s license
  3. Canadian citizenship application

Assisting with Specialized Settlement Issues, including:

  1. Cultural safety in the Canadian context
  2. Para-professional counselling on domestic violence & gambling addiction
  3. Legal & immigration advice

Providing info-sessions and orientation on topics, including:

  1. Budgeting, banking, & fraud
  2. Family reunification
  3. Rights & responsibilities of newcomers to Canada

For more information on our settlement services, please contact Loae at and (416) 231-7746 ext. 244