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Newcomer & Refugee Services

The Arab Community Centre of Toronto’s (ACCT) main work is to provide settlement support services to newcomers to facilitate their transition to Canada. Staff assist clients with a holistic and integrated approach which recognizes that settlement involves all aspects of life. Our services include the following:

Applying for Social Services,

  1. Housing assistance & referral
  2. Obtaining a SIN card, health card (OHIP), & driver’s license
  3. Canadian citizenship application

Assisting with Specialized Settlement Issues, including:

  1. Cultural safety in the Canadian context
  2. Para-professional counselling on domestic violence & gambling addiction
  3. Legal & immigration advice

Providing info-sessions and orientation on topics, including:

  1. Budgeting, banking, & fraud
  2. Family reunification
  3. Rights & responsibilities of newcomers to Canada

For more information on our settlement services, please contact Loae at and (416) 231-7746 ext. 244

Youth Services

Youth Settlement Program focuses on engaging youth and children in educational, social, recreational activities, sports and opportunities to develop skills.

Individual Support Sessions, including:

  1. 1 on 1 counselling on inter-generational conflict

Youth group activities, including:

  1. Seasonal youth camps
  2. Network building sessions
  3. Digital story-telling programs

Orientation sessions, including:

  1. Canadian education system for newcomer students

For more information on our youth services, please contact Asim at and (416) 231-7746 ex. 234

Special Programs

Syria Newcomers Project

The ACCT offers specialized settlement and community building services targeted at the needs of Syrian newcomers and sponsor families. Through our ‘Together for Syria’ Initiative, we connect Syrian refugees and newcomers with local services, opportunities and networks, to help Syrians build a new home in Canada.

Our services are:

For Syrian newcomers: We can provide you with counselor support to facilitate the settlement process and connect you with the Arab community in the Greater Toronto Area.

For sponsor groups: We can connect you with Arabic speaking settlement experts and provide counselor support to bridge cultural gaps.

We have also created, an online platform for sponsor groups that will constantly be updated with services, event, programs, and resources that will be beneficial to their sponsored families. An online forum is there for the sponsor groups to help them stay connected.

To learn more about our Syria Project please visit our website or contact our Syria Project Coordinator Nermine Zohdy at:

For everybody else: We can provide training and workshops on cultural safety and sensitivity.