JOSOOR Project

JOSOOR Project (translates to Bridges in English) is a research study, funded by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and is implemented by the ACCT in partnership with the Canadian Arab Institute and York University's Centre for Refugee Studies to address the barriers that are associated with remote service delivery.

JOSOOR leverages technology to support remote service delivery.

JOSOOR informs the development of new approach that is centered on newcomer refugee women’s needs and preferences.

JOSOOR is from Community to Community

Why JOSOOR Project?

To minimize new layer of barriers for remote service delivery posed by Covid 19.

To overcome barriers due to lack of digital quality: Access to devices, digital skills, connectivity,  language & literacy.

To expand our outreach to remote service delivery

To impower our clients to take informed choices and decisions during their process of settlement and integration in Canada.


Effective settlement and integration of newcomers to Canada.


  • Understand the knowledge gaps behind the lack of access to information and technology.
  • Identify technology platforms and mediums
  • Build partner’s capacity

What is JOSOOR’s scope ?

Target group

Newcomer Refugee Women from Arab and Sun-Saharan Countries

Target Area

Urban & Rural areas in Ontario


Dec 2021-Mar 2024 (28 months)

JOSOOR’s Components

Research study

Testing a new Approach

Knowledge Sharing

How JOSOOR proceeds?

WHAT are JOSOOR’S Outcomes?

Specific Outcomes

  • Barriers associated with remote services are addressed.
  • Technology platforms are identified.
  • Technology capacity limitations are understood.
  • A more effective new model than the existing models is developed.

Expected Outcomes

Partners deliver responsive and coordinated settlement and community services

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee includes representatives of

Immigrant and Refugee Service Agencies

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPS)

Academia/ Research Centers

Digital Literacy Experts

Refugee Women Representatives.

Canadian Arab Institute will carry out the research

Humber College & TechServe To will carry out the digital training-curriculum

Advisory Committee roles and responsibilities

Provide guidance and advice on the overall project,

Provide feedback on the research design

Share best practices

Contribute to knowledge transfer

Support participants’ recruitment for the research

To participate in the JOSOOR research study, please fill the survey registration form 

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