Community Connection

Community Connections

Our Community Connections program facilitates social, cultural and professional network building between newcomers to Canada and the community at large. Our staff help immigrants and refugees feel a sense of belonging and engagement with their new surroundings.

The partnerships we make are founded on our shared values and responsibilities: what we have in common is the drive to improve life for both our clients and our communities. By leveraging our comparative advantages and resources, we are better able to place the success and wellbeing of our clients at the centre of our work. Jointly, we build skills, generate knowledge, and facilitate social and economic participation and empowerment. For ACCT, this is underpinned by our foundational goal of strengthening newcomer families as well as easing their integration into new surroundings and a new society.

The Community Connections program offers a variety of group activities and excursions aimed at helping you feel more at home, at ease, and confident in your new life. Throughout the course of the program we will focus on the following areas:

Improving your English language skills

Expanding your knowledge of Canadian culture, history and politics with visits to local sites

Learning how to access public services (i.e. healthcare, education, public transportation)

Taking part in activities, events and celebrations happening in your new community

Doing volunteer work that suits your interests and helps you gain valuable experience

Helping you expand your social circle

Building confidence

Developing new friendships

Meeting other newcomers

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