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Windows to the Soul

Windows to the Soul

Sometimes, when we’re feeling stressed out, tired, or suffocated by life’s circumstances, throwing our windows open wide is the best way to breathe new life and perspective into a challenging situation. Our recently launched program Windows to the Soul is a timely initiative which aims to do just that. The program addresses many of the issues facing women during these unprecedented times, with the goal of cultivating a supportive environment for those feeling isolated, experiencing relationship or marital difficulties, or grappling with family violence.

The ongoing pandemic has further intensified several key difficulties which already affect women disproportionately. These include:

Increased isolation within the household, along with a lack of access to services

Increased cuts and job losses in the service, hospitality, and caregiving sectors (typically lower paid, and dominated by women)

Increased household responsibility with fewer (if any) outlets

Windows to the Soul offers a safe space where women can share personal feelings, experiences, and coping strategies, as well as information on topics of importance to them.

Through a series of weekly sessions, the program facilitates information and knowledge-sharing with the goal of empowering women to build self confidence, make informed choices, and create positive change in their lives. Windows to the Soul can provide opportunities for the following:

Connecting with other women and sharing experiences in a safe and supportive space

Identifying patterns within an abusive relationship

Recognizing the impact of family violence on both you and your children

Learning how to protect yourself and your children

Gaining the knowledge and strength to make positive choices which lead to meaningful change

Building self-esteem and confidence

Improving your relationships with your children and boosting your confidence as a parent

Developing a more hopeful outlook overall

Windows to the Soul is funded by the Canadian Women’s Foundation.


Windows to the Soul is currently being held virtually, but we look forward to welcoming women to our physical location (complete with windows that can be thrown open) as soon as the situation permits.

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