Volunteer / Student Placement

General Guidelines

The aim of this handbook is to provide interested individuals with detailed information, procedures, and forms needed for enlisting as volunteers at The Arab Community Centre of Toronto (ACCT). It includes a summary of the steps to be followed, the forms that must be submitted, and the supplementary information to be provided.

Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities

Volunteers are considered valuable resources to ACCT. Accordingly, they shall be
extended the right to be given meaningful assignments, to be treated as equal co-workers, to be effectively supervised, to be fully involved and participating, and to be recognized for their work and efforts. In return, volunteers shall agree to actively perform their duties to the best of their abilities and to remain loyal to the values, goals, and procedures of the organization.

Application Process

7 Simple Steps to Become a Volunteer:

  1. Complete the Volunteer Application Form, and attach your updated CV/Resume.
  2. Prepare for a short one-on-one Interview with a team member from ACCT.
  3. Inform ACCT of your status in Canada (Refugee, Convention Refugee UCI Number, Permanent Residence, or Canadian Citizenship) and provide the corresponding.
  4. Sign the Volunteer Contract.
  5. Sign the Confidentiality Agreement, Non-Benefit Agreement, and Organization’s Code of Conduct.
  6. Request a Police Record Check (PRC) and emailed back to sahar@acctonline.ca, along with the required documents.
  7. Complete the required Training/s for your assigned volunteering tasks. This will allow you to gain a clear understanding of your role and duties at ACCT.