Spotlight: Amel Bencheref

Spotlight: Amel Bencheref
July 2, 2021 ACCT
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We would like to express a warm welcome to Amel Bencheref, who joined the ACCT team in June as an NSP Settlement Counsellor. Amel has a M.A in Education from Ahmed Tahri University in Bechar City, Algeria, with diplomas in Linguistic Programming as well as in Psychology from Ashworth College. Amel has rich experience in psychology and human development, has worked as ESL instructor, and has also spent considerable time counselling newcomers in Toronto. When she’s not supporting the newcomer community, Amel enjoys writing and poetry, and recently published the book The 7Secrets to be the best version of you.

Amel will be assisting newcomer clients eligible to receive services under the NSP program.

Welcome Amel.