Spotlight: Rasha Salman

Spotlight: Rasha Salman
August 6, 2021 ACCT
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Rasha Salman

Programs Development Lead

We would like to express a warm welcome to Rasha Salman, our new Programs Development Lead. Rasha holds an MA in Development Studies from Cambridge University and has rich experience within the non-profit sector in Lebanon. Before joining the nonprofit world, Rasha worked in banking before she decided she wanted to be a part of creating meaningful change for people who need it. In Canada, Rasha has worked with the Syrian Canadian Foundation, and has acted as a Support Advisor in the for-profit sector.

Rasha’s professional interests include research, advocacy work, and content development. In her downtime, Rasha enjoys hiking and is an avid reader. Rasha’s love of reading is so great that in Beirut, with friends she founded a small cultural organization focused on reading called the Beirut Readers’ Society, with regular reading events and cultural excursions within the city. Check them out on Instagram and Facebook at @lebreaders.

Welcome Rasha.